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Wireless technologies have gained an immense significance in recent years, with Wireless LAN and WiMAX playing the most important roles. Suddenly scenarios became possible that nobody could foresee only a few years ago. The wide portfolio of services offered by the Hotzone makes this obvious. See for yourself...

HOTZONE business: Take advantage of wireless technologies in your company. Whether in the office, the warehouse, or for the connection of separate locations: we have the perfect solution for all domains. Of course, the highest security standards are obligatory.

HOTZONE private: Internet access for residential areas has become one of Hotzone's biggest strengths. Based on latest technology our modern ISP approach offers a far better cost-/performance ratio than comparable products of other competitors. The Hotzone covers many apartment complexes and student dormitories. Change today and enjoy the new freedom.

HOTZONE public: The advantages of the Hotzone can also be used by sporadic users. In many of our locations tickets are available for cheap and easy Internet access. Seamless mobility within these locations is fully supported.

Disney Channel replaces Das Vierte
On the 17th of January 2014 the new Free-TV "Disney Channel" will officially start its broadcast on Astra. It will replace the channel "Das Vierte", which could be received up to the end of 2013. Therefore, starting now, we will offer the new "Disney Channel" at all locations that used to get "Das Vierte".
10-Januar-2014 11:15:52
SEPA migration finished
The migration to the new SEPA Direct Debit Core starting from the 1st of October 2013 has successfully been performed.
28-Oktober-2013 15:54:56
New dormitories Heidelberg
The Hotzone now also provides its IPTV service to the just lately finished dormitories Im Neuenheimer Feld 660-662. The new dormitories simply expand the already existing objects at the location, such that the Hotzone was able to rapidly implement its service.
4-Oktober-2013 16:59:04