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Hotzone GmbH

The Hotzone GmbH was founded in Würzburg in 2003. No later than 2005 we opened our second office in Berlin, our current headquarter. Our main competence lies in IT services for large apartment complexes (main focus on Internet access). Depending on the infrastructure that is given in a certain location and on the expectations of landlord and tenants, the Hotzone chooses the most suitable technology. Our rich set of experiences in recent years has enabled us to develop solutions for various requirements.

We offer maximum performance at fair prices, be it Wi-Fi, LAN or (V)DSL. Most importantly we want to service the request of our users for highly performing, reliable Internet access even though facing rapid increase in demand for high speed Internet service.

Modern Internet access facilitates additional services. Voice over IP has reached the state of mainstream which lead to an almost complete replacement of legacy analog or ISDN phone lines. Internet television, on the other hand, is still an evolving technology. For several years we already offer the so-called IPTV service (Internet-based television). However, the combination of Internet and television allows for more than just a shared transport medium. Yet in this area, the Hotzone has reached a respectable position and market share.

Other topics such as home automation, smart home, Internet of Things (IoT) and industry 4.0 have just emerged in recent years. Most applications are still under pre-commercial development, and only some have reached readiness for marketing. Yet, in cooperation with our customers we could implement first extensions in some of our networks.

We have been engaged in many new areas, since the foundation of the Hotzone. This has added up to the experience in various specific topics of networking and in the operation of large-scale IT infrastructures. We also benefit from our expert knowledge when deploying Wi-Fi in public areas, in retail stores, in large shopping-malls or in spacious outdoor areas. Legal certainty is especially important, when it comes to Wi-Fi. German legislation has changed several times during recent years. Of major importance are liability for disturbances, data preservation and other Internet service provider’s liabilities. One specialist can guarantee long-term legal certainty when being faced with frequent changes in rather complicated legal issues.