Gigabit Internet: reliable, fast and pervasive

Individual multi-tenant building or campus, single apartment or community room: we provide your tenants with reliable high-speed internet. Our service “Gigabit Internet FLAT for each unit” allows data rates of up to 1 Gb/s. Its scalability forms the basis for additional services in our Managed-LAN-as-a-Service (MLANaaS) portfolio:


Our MLANaaS-service “WiFi coverage” offers solutions suitable for your demand.

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Our MLANaaS-service “IPTV using multicast” satisfies your needs and delights your tenants.

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Your tenants want internet telephony in addition to their smart phone? No problem – we are happy to offer SIP-based internet telephony to you and your tenants.

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Our Gigabit Internet FLAT service forms the ideal base for digitalization, including video surveillance, touch-pad based visual door communication systems allowing user mobility.

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