Wireless technologies

Advantages of wireless technologies in the housing industry


Gigabit wireless

Current wireless technology allows Gigabit speed while supporting distances of sevaral kilometers. Various different solutions is available, some completely free of license cost.

These devices are ideal for the housing industry. It allows to transport high bandwidth to the location it is needed, where no other options are available.

Wireless LAN

Wi-Fi networks offer more than just coverage. High speeds, high availability, high security. Even services that need to know the exact location of the user are possible.

In the future even more services in the housing industry will be based on a large scale an highly available Wi-Fi network. Automatically reading the counter of all thermostats in larger buildings is already available today, while Smart Home has not yet really started.

Security, competence

Many regulatory and legislative issues have changed wihin the past month. But still it seems as if the final versions have not yet been finished regarding liability or the retention of data.

Being prepared for the future is essential. Especially when it comes to the time to react and the involved cost.